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Sling and SlingClip Combo

New Products

Manta Strobe

Manta Strobe Light

Helmet Strobe

Helmet Light

Helmet Marker Light

IR Marking Device

Infrared Light

IFF(Identify Friend Foe)

Vibrating Feedback

White Green IR Strobe

Plate Frame

Light Weight Plate Carrier

Maritime Plate Carrier

Water Resistant Plate Carrier

Rigid Plate Carrier

Maritime Plate Carrier Frame

Modular Plate Carrier

Pocket Shiv

Key Chain Knife

Cutting Tool

Rubber Grip Knife

P.S. I Love You


Flexible Helmet Marker

IR Marker

Individual Marker

Red, Green, Blue, IR, White


Weapon Retention

One Handed Weapon Retention

Hands Free Retention Device

Rifle Retention

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