Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Company FAQs

Do we hydro dip? What items do we dip and which are not dipped?
Yes. All information can be found here: S&S Hydro Dipping Services
Do we sell on GSA?
Yes, all of our products are available on GSA. Visit our GSA Schedule page for more information.
Can I be a distributor/dealer?
Use our contact form to inquire about becoming a distributor/dealer.
Do we offer Military and LEO discounts?
Military and Law Enforcement discounts are available when ordering by phone or email.
Where do you ship to?
We provide shipping to all US locations.
How long will it take to receive my order?
Standard shipping is 3-5 days after the order is processed and filled. Please keep in mind that lead(processing) times on products may vary.

Product FAQs

What if my plate is not listed in the PlateFrame plate list?
The PlateFrame is custom molded to fit any ballistic plate. If it is not listed in the drop-down menu, the plate needs to be mailed to us for molding.