ZipFlip with Chest Harness


The ZipFlip is a scalable, modular chest mount for hands free use of smartphones in a variety of enviroments including MFF and Land Operations.

Includes chest harness.

  • Flip-down phone panel fits most standard and large sized smartphones with integrated low profile cinch lock system.
  • Can be worn with or without zippered outer pouch.
  • Compatible with the S&S Precision PlateFrame™ and standard MOLLE systems.
  • Designed for standalone use with optional chest harness system.
  • Includes removable sunshade for improved visibility in bright environments.
  • Integrated cable management system for mobile device and auxilary battery.
  • Includes detachable auxiliary battery pouch.
  • Phone platform is made of ultra-light rigid composite plastic, contained in a durable, hygroscopic outer pouch.
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