Navboard® FlipMod™

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The NavBoard™ FlipMod™ is our latest addition to the NavBoard™ series, designed to enhance the experience of parachute operations. It includes a panel for a phone/tablet, with two additional panels for a compass and GPS/altimeter extending from the phone panel. The FlipMod™ can be reconfigured to fit the user’s preference by changing the orientation and placement of the various panels using a tension hinge. It can be stowed close to the user’s body when in freefall or land navigation operations, deployed in an open position, and viewed in either a vertical or horizontal configuration.
The NavBoard™ FlipMod™ can be easily attached to various plate carriers using the Gear Retention Track™ Webbing Adapter, a parachute harness using the Gear Retention Track™ Belt Adapter, and the PlateFrame™ Attachment System.


  • Low profile, compact design
  • GRT™ Compatible
  • Provides hands-free navigation
  • Modular design and orientation
  • Includes phone/tablet panel, GPS/altimeter panel, and illuminated compass panel
  • Small phone panel: 6”x2.75” designed to fit standard size smartphones
  • Large phone panel: 6.5”x3.75” design to fit plus size smartphones
  • Suunto (no bezel) or Oceanic (bezel) compass options available
Lead time: 4-6 weeks
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