PlateFrame Modular™ (PF-M™)



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The PF-M is custom built to your above specifications; lead time is 8-12 weeks

The PlateFrame Modular™ (PF-M™) is taking the original PlateFrame® to the next level. Engineered to optimize comfort, performance and modularity, the PF-M™ comes equipped with the patented (US10605574) adjustable Auto-Fit Cummerbund™ that helps distribute the tactical load across/around the upper torso and not solely on the trapezius muscles. PlateFrames are customized to fit the following – any 10x12, each size of shooter/swimmer, (E)SAPI, and the Velocity Systems ULV plates.


  • Auto-Fit Cummerbund™ with Internal Cable Management
  • Integrated Interior Load Bearing Wings
  • Closed Cell Comfort Foam
  • E-Buckles™

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